Are you Smiling?

Well, it’s the end of another semester. The spring semester is always such a marathon, isn’t it? I think this has to do with the number of projects that must be finalized and meetings that must happen before the academic year ends and that kind of thing. I find it to be a challenging time of year and when June rolls around, it often takes awhile before it occurs to me that the marathon is over, at least for a while.

I’m a huge fan of TED talks and I watched one the other day that really resonated with how I’m feeling right now. Even when there is so much to do and so much to plan for, I think it is important that we find time to take good care of ourselves and the people around us, including colleagues and students as well as family and friends. Take a few moments and check it out:

The Hidden Power of Smiling 

I hope to see many of your smiling faces next week at the NAEYC Professional Development Institute in Providence. I always look forward to seeing folks in person. I plan to take lots of pictures and video clips to share the experience with everyone and I will be posting updates throughout the conference. I know there are many ACCESS members out there who are not able to attend the conference this year. Our goal is to capture the spirit of the conference and share it across the community so we can keep the momentum going as we plan for the second half of 2011!

take care

Sending a smile to you!


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