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Graphic organizers for the writing process


The weather here in Chicago  is cold with windy sleet and icy roads. All of my students are walking around with loud coughs, sore throats and bleary eyes.

It must be midterm season!

Students are exhausted from writing their papers and taking tests. Instructors are exhausted from grading said papers and tests. Sometimes it is a pleasant time of year when everyone is starting to get spring fever. However, this year, I’d say that it feels like spring is quite far away!

This academic year my department has been focusing on student writing as our departmental assessment activity. It has been a really interesting process and I’ll share more about that in future posts. I just wanted to share an article I found today about graphic organizers for the writing process. I wish I had seen this earlier in the semester, but I think I will use some of these tools to help students plan and work on their final projects.  It’s from a newsletter from Emerging Ed Tech: Engaging Students and Enhancing Learning Outcomes with Internet and Instructional Technologies, and the article is titled,

“Teaching Writing and Learning with Graphic Organizers”

Do you have tools and resources that you regularly use to support student writing? Please leave a comment and share what you use.

Happy grading everyone!


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